When my grandparents started this company, they anchored it to a rock-solid foundation of quality, trust and commitment to the customer. Now, 72 years later, we still practise those three simple values.

In response to a need for cranes with larger capacities, higher hook heights and increased lift radii, Neil F Lampson proposed a 1,000USt lift crane that not only had the required capacity, but retained all the functionality of a conventional mobile crane. In 1978, Neil F Lampson, Inc. engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested the fi rst Lampson Transi- Lift for a US nuclear site. Using an industry-tested crawler transporter as a mobile foundation and equipped with multi-drum hoists, the Transi-Lift exceeded all expectations.

Today the Transi-Lift is the world’s largest land-based mobile crawler crane and the most versatile heavy lift system available. With full pick and carry capacities from 350–3,000USt, it boasts lift and manoeuvring capabilities well beyond those of conventional lift cranes.

Lampson recently completed a Transi-Lift project at a West Coast petroleum refi nery. Lampson deployed a Transi-Lift LTL-2600B, with 340ft boom and 160ft jib, to replace a reactor and regenerator.

The 950,000lb regenerator was lifted at a 256ft radius, and the 550,000lb reactor lift at 215ft. The biggest challenge was assembly and disassembly of the boom and jib over a fl are line 40ft above ground. Part of a major refi nery upgrade, the project was completed during a 70-day shutdown.

Lampson is well known for its Lampson Millennium 4100 crawler crane. This idea was a collaborative effort between our late Australian Managing Director, Phil Lunn, and our current Engineering Projects Manager Randy Stemp. Both saw the value of a crane as robust as the Manitowoc 4100 with the safety and ease of operation of new hydraulic cranes.

With eco-friendly Tier 3/4i Cummins engines, two line size choices and an increase of 70% line pull, a modern cab and controls and ‘no free fall’ capabilities, the Lampson Millennium meets or exceeds the capabilities of all cranes in the 230t capacity class. The Lampson Millennium also accepts Manitowoc Tower and Ring attachments.

We’ve seen an increase in demand for this crane domestically and internationally. Its ‘no free fall’ capabilities allows customers to use these cranes on job sites that would not previously allow friction rigs. We’ve committed to re-manufacturing 25 of these cranes in our fl eet and will continue with re-manufacture efforts as long as demand continues.

Lampson international operates and maintains one of the largest crane rental fl eets in North American and Australia. With offi ces in the USA, Australia and Canada, our customers’ needs are quickly and easily accommodated.

The 400-crane fl eet is one of the most highly maintained in the industry. We offer attachments including Tower, Ring and both standard and luffi ng jibs, making the fl eet one of the world’s most versatile.

Lampson provides innovative project engineering and management services. With 72 years of experience and a fully equipped fabrication shop, we can design, manufacture and test our lift and transport equipment before sending it out. In addition, we can design and manufacture specialized lift rigging, consisting of lift frames, links, spreader beams and bars. Many of these are adjustable to accommodate a variety of components, weights and shifting centre-of-gravities without having to make complete rigging change outs. This saves both time and money while on a project. Lampson can provide complete turnkey project services from conception to completion, including equipment, management, engineering, labour and unparalleled expertise.