Wolff tower cranes at Bauma

The cranes were designed partly for ease of transport: the counter-jib fits in one piece on a truck, and the entire jib can be transported in four standard articulated lorries.

There are two models each of the two cranes: the 6023.6, 6023.8, 6031.8 and 6031.12. Maximum load moment of the 6031.12 clear is 263tm, maximum 12t lifting capacity, or 2t to 65m jib-end. On the other end of the scale, the 6023.6 clear has a maximum lifting capacity of 6.2t and can raise 2.3t at 60m jib-end.

Other top-slewing tower crane launches at the show include the mid-size flat-top Terex Comedil CTT 231 TS23, which has a lifting capacity of 10t to 12t. The crane has been redesigned to shorten set-up, Comedil says. The assembly of the TS23 tower takes only half as long as the assembly of an HD23 tower. The assembly of the slewing upper part of the crane now requires only four lifts by a mobile crane with sufficient lifting capacity. Also shown at Bauma was the Comedil CTL 260 HD23 (lifting capacity 18t) with a TS23 tower.

The award for the tallest saddle-jib goes to the crane in green: Jaso’s 600. The 600tm crane has a maximum 82m height under hook. At 80m jib-end it can lift 5.1t with a single line, 4.4t with two.

Potain showed the fourth and largest model of its larger topless city crane, the MDT 218, and announced plans to launch an even bigger one, the MDT 268 for sale in 2008.

The MDT 218 is the fourth model in the MDT City line. Two versions of the new crane are available – an 8t and a 10t version. Further flexibility is available as two masts offer under hook heights of either 55.7m on a 1.6m mast or 65.2m on a 2m mast. Maximum jib is 65m, while the crane lifts 8t to 25.7m or 10t to 21m. The MDT 218 has the latest generation of frequency converter-controlled mechanisms for precise, efficient, and smooth slewing, hoisting, and trolleying.

The MDT 268 will be available in two versions – with either a 10t or a 12t maximum capacity. Both have a maximum jib of 65m and the 12t machine will lift 2.5t at its jib end, while the 10t machine will lift 2.6t at its jib end.

As with other MDT cranes, the new model’s profiled jib features quick pin connections found elsewhere in the MDT City line and its 1.2m width makes it easy to transport. The crane also features a distinctive counter-jib design, which can fold for greater efficiency in transportation. The hoist unit is mounted on a platform at the rear of the turntable and offers easy access during erection and service. Simple plug-in attachments connect all electrical and safety connections.

The crane features a range of LVF Optima hoist choices and the efficient RVF Optima+ slewing mechanism for better productivity tuned to any customer requirements. Parts commonality among the cranes in the MDT range helps keep inventory and manufacturing costs as low as possible.

Francois Czerwinski, Potain’s product manager for top-slewing tower cranes, said the new models in the MDT range reinforced Potain’s leadership in the topless market.

“Potain’s strength in topless technology continues to grow as end users want to save cost and time, while achieving greater efficiency on job sites,” he said. “Potain’s topless cranes are also quicker and easier to erect, even in confined spaces, offering further benefits.”

Wolff tower cranes at Bauma Wolff tower cranes at Bauma