The new PM 45.5 and PM 55.5t have been designed with up to nine extensions and several versions with jib for better performance and versatility.

Other features include a new control station for better ergonomics; a new Power Tronic Advance plus for extremely precise and safe crane operation; an improved stability control monitoring, soft stop end stroke, and fully proportional speed management.

PM will also show a new model in its PM100 series, the PM100028 with J1616 jib. The new crane can reach further than any other model in the range, with up to nine boom extensions and six jib extensions.

The basic design includes continuous slewing system with two gear motors; compensated proportional hydraulic control valve block; multifunction radio control; radio-controlled outriggers; slewing lock with variable settings.

The new PM 150 SP is designed with an integrated crankcase, which facilitates installation. The crane is available with up to nine hydraulic extensions and six jib extensions, which have 25-degree of negative angle. It can be installed even on the basic configuration with nine extensions.

The crane can also maximise performance with first class control and safety thanks to PM Power Tronic Advance.

In the PM 65 SP series, the PM65026 will be shown with 1416 jib. It is designed with a range of technical features that make the crane one of the best performing models on the market.

The PM 65 SP has been also enhanced by the new electronic system with greater monitoring power for the operator, including remote control functions.

The crane is available with up to nine extensions and six jibs extensions.

The jibs are designed with innovative technological solutions, which can offer a significantly increased extension of the outreach.

There will also be on display the PM 38.5 series, the PM 38525 with J815 jib. The crane shows structural characteristics with a sturdy rack-and-pinion slewing system, which can guarantee maximum reliability over time, the company says.

The basic design includes slewing system with rack and pinion; compensated proportional hydraulic control valve block; multifunction radio control. Manitex will show its 2892 C crane, mounted on Iveco truck.

The main features of this crane includes inverted T-cross section, four-section telescoping type, extended and retracted proportionally by double-acting hydraulic cylinder and cable-crowd system.

The crane can achieve a maximum main boom height of 31.4m.

In addition, pedestal and subframe are mounted on chassis by threaded rods and clamp plates.

Manitex Valla will showcase the 25 EL electric pick and carry crane, which can reach a lifting capacity of 2.25t, but it is still narrow enough to be moved through a standard doorway.

These mini cranes are designed to work in limited spaces, allowing them to carry out a wide range of lifting tasks, for example in a large factory where machinery needs to be moved regularly.

The company says that the mini cranes are also ideal in a range of glass lifting attachments, such as glass vacuum lifters and glass installation.

In addition, Valla 25EL pick and carry cranes are electric powered, with long-lasting batteries, which means they are fume free, so ideal for indoor lifting projects.

These cranes are equipped with 3B6 digital load monitoring systems, for safe and efficient lifting. Some features of these mini cranes include a maximum lifting capacity of 2250kg and non-marking tyres for use in clean environments.