The Cube Crane has a five section fold away boom and benefits from multi-position outrigger configurations.

It is ideal for working in restricted and confined areas as the crane can be deployed and removed with ease. This machine allows for the derricking boom to be erected to a height of 9m and at the top, the folding boom extends to a working radius of 13.99m and with the 360° continuous slewing it provides an overall working reach of 27.98m. The derricking boom and folding boom can also be extended and retracted through a vertical void if needed.

Featuring nearly a tonne of lifting capacity, it can reach a lifting height of 21.1m.

This compact crane features a safety load indicator system with an over winding alarm and intelligent voice warning system for optimum safety during lifting operations.

At just 1.5m wide, it can easily move around corners thanks to its ability to reposition the boom whilst travelling to its install location.

The company also presented the upgraded URW-295-3 spider crane. It retains all the benefits of the standard 295 model, but sees the addition of variable, adjustable outriggers, enabling this mini crane to operate around fixed obstacles on site to suit the unique lifting requirements of each project.