The Wolff luffer

It has a maximum jib radius of 60m, at which it can lift 4t, or a maximum of 14t single-fall. It has a minimum counterjib radius of 7.2m. It carries enough rope for tower heights of 860m in one fall or 400m for two fall.

“The use of concrete counterweights on the counter jib is particularly cost-effective for our customers,” says Thomas Herse, head structural engineer.

Individual components weigh less than 10t each, and the crane has a new assembly design.

The tower top and counter jib feature a new design of suspended framework. The tower top, the counter jib, and the jib are bolted to a frame on the tower top. The luffing drive is integrated into the tower top. This drive enables a Wolff-patented pre-reeved luffing rope, which helps install the jib quickly.

A luffing drive drum brake is optional. All components of the slewing section can fit inside a 40ft standard shipping container.

“With this building crane, our figurehead among the luffing jib cranes, we paid particular attention to a reasonably priced transport and rapid installation,” said managing partner Peter Schiefer.

The Wolff luffer The Wolff luffer