Actions speak louder than words

16 September 2022

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In my editor's comment last month I issued a 'call for action' urging crane owners to make their voice heard in demanding more 'green' equipment options. Well, this month, I'm pleased to say there have been some developments...

An amazing video dropped into my email inbox from UK crane hire firm Cadman Cranes outlining the company's roadmap to net-zero and the steps it is taking to reduce its impact on the environment. To make his point, and highlighting how strongly he feels, company MD Matt Waddingham bravely takes to the sky, 60 metres up in a man cage, cooly explaining why it matters. "Sustainability for us is about taking the long view," says Waddingham. "It's about following a set of values that look after people and make a positive impact on our communities and the world around us... We want to lead our industry; we want to influence our suppliers but also our competitors and customers." The video can be watched on Cadman's Instagram channel (@cadmancranes) and is up on the Cranes Today website, too; I recommend you watch.

In addition, news dropped that Sennebogen is launching its first battery powered telecrawler at Bauma. I'm sure there will be further electric crane launches to follow from other manufacturers and I can't wait to see these amazing machines 'in the metal'. See you there!

Christian Shelton, Editor