Breathtaking builds

23 October 2023

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Sometimes I don't know which is more impressive: the various items of incredible infrastructure being designed and built by engineers and construction companies around the world, or the cranes and transport equipment used to build these feats of modern progress.

And when the two, large infrastructure builds and cranes, are pictured together – as seen on this month's front cover shot of the construction of the tallest cable-stayed road bridge in India – well, let's just say it makes a crane magazine editor very happy!

In this issue alone some of the breathtaking projects covered include: the transport of a tunnel boring machine into a mountain for one of the longest underground railway connections in the world (p42); the installation of a 1600 tonne bridge over one of Belgium's busiest motorways (p22); and the formation of a joint venture that will receive some of the largest items of infrastructure ever seen in Australia, weighing up to 4,500 tonnes apiece (p40). I hope you enjoy the issue.