In the rope feature, for example, we write about how, in 1831, Wilhelm Albert twisted wires into strands and then strands into ropes to create the world's first steel wire rope.

Likewise this magazine, a pioneer as the industry's original title, brings together different threads of the lifting and moving world, through both our editorial and advertising, to create a cohesive, strong line of communication.

In the technology feature, feature writer Julian Champkin explores various threads of the digital revolution and how they are linked; he touches on the overlap between different areas and how technology is increasingly benefitting both jobsite and planet.

The counterpart with the magazine also centres around the overlap of sectors. Our monthly sector reports shouldn't be read in isolation; they regularly cross-reference each other and it's then that omnipresent themes – such as technology, environment, safety, and efficiency – emerge. My point? You have to read all our issues to keep abreast of this fast-moving industry!

Diversity is another parallel. The diversity of the lifting and moving industry is clear from the range of companies covered in our ConExpo preview, all linked by the wider 'thread' of construction. And, as a mirror of the industry we report on, diversity runs throughout Cranes Today – from the subjects we cover to the way we cover them.

It's diversity that makes the industry strong, especially now with the return of large international trade show; having so many similar but different interests all in one place makes it easier for people to connect, communicate and hopefully inspire each other. See you in Vegas!