No sooner has the buzz of Bauma died down than thoughts are turning to the heat of the Mojave Desert and the bright lights of Las Vegas!

If you are exhibiting at ConExpo 2023 please do send me your press release as soon as possible so I can help publicise what will be on show.

One of the recurring themes we heard from many of the manufacturers I spoke to at Bauma 2022, however, was concern regarding the logistical challenges of getting their equipment from the German show to ConExpo in time.

Big shows – we love them but wouldn't it be great if the organisers could have coordinated their schedules with these kind of logistical challenges in mind?!

Moving large equipment is not easy, as seen in our special transport feature. Here some of the most difficult loads, wind turbine blades measuring over 80 metres long for example, need to be transported to some of the toughest job sites which, as is the nature of windfarms, are often remote or mountainous sites.

The sight can be spectacular, as demonstrated by our front cover.

Speaking of spectacular sights, we return to Bauma 2022 where the 'forest of cranes' looked incredible.

Seeing so many tower cranes (and other types!) assembled together made the hearts of crane fans from around the world beat that little bit faster. Or was that just me?!

There are plenty of new tower crane makes, models, classes and families out there. Read the feature for further details but it seems manufacturers are making up for time following the business lull over Covid.

In this issue we also look at operator assistance devices. The tech-based nature of many of the product in this sector means it is fast-moving and we see manufacturers updating and even diversifying their product ranges to remain ahead of the game. For example, the feature brings news of AMCS moving into the crane camera field, plus crane manufacturers developing load stabilisation systems.

The exciting thing is, the industry never stays still; it is continually evolving and exploring new avenues and so I look forward to seeing what new developments are unveiled at ConExpo 2023.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy this issue.

Christian Shelton, Editor