The path of progression

29 April 2022

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Progression; development; evolution; and refinement: these are the key themes that underpin much of the content in this month's issue. They are, of course, positive attributes true of mankind in general but they are highlighted, showcased even, when viewed through the focused lens of the construction industry.

The development of Liebherr's portfolio of crawler cranes (as detailed in Stuart Anderson's article on p24), for example, shows a logical development, accompanied by the twists and turns of fate and circumstance that make a great story.

And in our heavy lifting feature (p15) Gavin Kerr, global cranes director at Mammoet, reveals that although 'playing with big boys' toys' is very enjoyable, ultimately it's what his work achieves for society, for our childrens' children, that gives him the greatest satisfaction. As a new father, I relate to this and know many of you do, too.

Christian Shelton, Editor
[email protected]