Audi Transport

26 January 2011


My father started the company about 15 years ago, and then I took over. Although we are based solely in Beirut, we take on work from all over Lebanon, wherever our customer needs us.

I’ve been running the company for five years, and I am trying to renew the fleet at Audi Transport. Our aim is to make our company the biggest used crane fleet in the country.

Currently our biggest competitor is Homumani Crane Rental, who are also based in Beirut. Mr Homumani has 13 cranes, which is the largest fleet in Lebanon at the moment.

Ours is a family-run business. I manage all the office work, sorting out contracts with the big construction companies. My brother is responsible for everything regarding safety, and my cousin manages all our customer relations, and at the same time visits the sites that we work on to develop our relationships with the client.

We have 10 cranes all between 7t and 200t, six Liebherr LTM cranes (a 35t 1030-2, a 40t 1040-2.1, a 55t 1055-3.1, a 60t 1060-2, an 80t 1080-1 and a 90t 1090-4.1), three 7t Tadano TS-75s and a 200t Terex AC200 all terrain crane.

The cranes most often requested by our customers are the Liebherrs, most often the 90t and 100t cranes and sometimes the 35 and 40 tonners, which is good for us as they are heavy-duty cranes.

In Lebanon we have a problem in that there are no easily available spare parts for cranes, so even though the costs are higher for Liebherr cranes we prefer to run heavy-duty plant.

Now we are trying to study the market in Beirut to see whether there is much demand for cranes up to 300t. If demand is good we will add one to our fleet, but we’re still surveying the market at the moment.

Elie Audi, owner, Audi Transport