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Looking west 08 August, 2019 Turkish manufacturers have for a long time built high capacity, rear axle mounted, knucklebooms for domestic and global customers. Now one, Hidrokon, is looking to the EU as it develops fully-foldable cranes. Will North joined dealers Hidrokon Europe as they visited the company. > read more

Lawson’s green knuckleboom 17 May, 2018 Delivering goods into inner cities by truck-mounted crane brings diesel emissions, unwanted and soon to be strictly controlled. Hiab have worked with a builders’ merchants Lawsons to produce a green solution. Julian Champkin attended the opening of the new Hiab London facility, and saw the crane.

King of the road 31 July, 2014 Particularly popular in North America, truck mounted cranes are versatile low tonnage machines capable of working in a wide range of industries. Recently, the market for these cranes has been expanding with more demand coming from the energy sector. Zak Garner-Purkis looks at what’s making news in this market segment.

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