Eco work for HSC Crawler

28 October 2021

Norwegian crane company uses new 275-tonne HSC lattice boom crawler crane for environmental work.

Norwegian crane rental company Mikkelsen Kran og Transport has taken delivery of a 275-tonne lattice boom crawler crane, the SCX2800A-3, made by Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes (HSC).

The machine was supplied by HSC’s Norwegian distributor ANK AS and it is the fourth HSC crawler Mikkelsen Kran now owns (it already has two other SCX2800A-3s and one SCX1000A-3).

One of the crane’s first jobs has been on the demolition of an old coal mine in Svalbard, Norway. The crane has been on site since early August 2021 and is scheduled to finish in October 2021.

The mine demolition is on one of Norway’s largest environmental projects and is designed to remove all traces of human activity from the area.

At the end of the project all buildings and infrastructure will have been removed leaving the area looking as unaffected as possible.

Commenting on his impressions of the crane Anders Kiel, managing director and a co-founder of ANK, said, “The the SCX2800A-3 lattice boom crawler has an impressive capacity which outperforms the competition in its class and easy and simple to use design.”