The wild swings in the global economy over the last few years have created uncertainty. And, with so much uncertainty, companies are understandably reluctant to make major investments in capital equipment. Even if they have a job and want to make a major purchase, securing financing for capital equipment is becoming a major problem.

With that in mind, Hovago offers an attractive rent-to-own plan that gives customers the benefits of ownership without the firm commitment of an up-front purchase. Our rent-to-purchase programme features affordable rental payments that can be credited in part against the purchase of the equipment at an agreed price. Customers can exercise their option after an agreed time, specified in the purchase option contract.

Hovago Cranes, established in 1946, has been specialising in bare rental of mobile cranes for many decades. We offer cranes in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and across the Americas. We have a recent fleet of all terrains, rough terrains, and crawlers, from most of the major manufacturers. Often, we buy cranes for an individual customer, but we also purchase cranes for our own fleet. And, we can offer them for quick delivery.

We use the term ‘bare rental’ for any rental of a new or used crane, where the customer has responsibility for its operation, regular maintenance, insurance, consumables, and other normal operating costs: we only offer this service to rental companies.

Normally, if you don’t own the equipment, you can’t be certain that you will have access to it when you need it. And if you turn down potentially lucrative orders because you don’t have the right equipment, that can hit you hard on the bottom line. With bare rental from Hovago, you have the crane you need, when you need it.

The advantages are clear: when we buy a crane especially for a particular customer that extends over a number of years, we are able to order to your precise specifications.

And, because we maintain our own sizable fleet of new and recent-model cranes, we can generally provide you with the crane you need at very short notice. That means, even if you are waiting for the crane you ordered to arrive, we will have a solution in our fleet that will meet your needs.

No two customers are alike, so we routinely tailor our rental contracts to meet customer requirements and circumstances. In fact, we make a point of meeting with every customer to discuss their needs and the options we can offer them.

Our fleet changes daily, and consists of a mix of new and used all terrains, rough terrains and crawlers. The used cranes are maintained to the highest industry standards and are thoroughly checked so you can be confident that they will be job-ready when they leave our lot.

Normally, we can offer a broad choice of cranes including: all terrains from 80–500t; rough terrains from 60–150t; and crawlers from 250–800t. All our cranes are also available for immediate sales. Our actual stock changes regularly, so for up to date information click on the cranes link on our website. We are also able to arrange the purchase of cranes especially dedicated to your needs, when you anticipate a specific long-term need.