SMOPyC IED Electronics

15 February 2008

Spanish electronics manufacturer IED Electronics is showing a range of construction crane safety devices.

It will show products from its Safetycrane range, including anemometers, displays, load moment limiters, anti-collision systems and load fall control systems.

It will also show products from its Powercrane range, which includes frequency inverters and controllers (including AC and DC motors).

The company has a third range of customised products, called Smartcrane.

Lately, IED is immersed in an ambitious process of internationalisation, on the one hand caused by the slow-down of the construction sector in Spain and on the other hand by the continuous development policy on which the company is based.

IED has signed a distribution agreement with an Italian company that distributes our products and has contacts with companies from Ireland, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Turkey and Australia.

The company has recently redefined its commercial brand with a new logo.

IED anemometer display IED anemometer display