SMOPyC Ravioli

15 February 2008

On show will be the Italian electric safety equipment manufacturer's range of rotary limit switches and radio remote controls.

The FCN series of limit switches has been designed and produced according to the safety criteria required by the EEC 89/392 European Safety Standards Machinery Directive. The design of the unit means that it can house a standard series of four micro-switches as well as a potentiometer in a small space.

JOY and JOYPlus are a new range of joystick radio remote control that has been designed to satisfy different operating requirements in various fields. The transmitter, available with two joysticks – with one or two axes of motion – can be used to move a large number of machines, The JOY series has a 48-bit identifying code key feature, which assures a unique and one-way communication system operating between the transmitter and its receiver. As an option on the JOYPlus model, a new 24-character LCD display can display feedback such as weight, distance, working conditions or errors from the controlled machine.

Receiver units can be mounted externally – there is a small watertight case – or internally.

Ravioli's range of equipment also includes joysticks, push pendant stations with cables and sliprings.

Ravioli JOY radio remote control Ravioli JOY radio remote control