SMOPyC Spain Crane

15 February 2008

UNIC dealer for Spain, Spain Crane, will be displaying the full range of UNIC mini cranes, including the new 706, which will be making its debut appearance in the Spanish market.

The 706 is the largest mini crane in the range with a lifting capacity of 6t and a hook height of 19.5m. Since its first appearance at Bauma last year, the 706 has proved hugely popular with users. Demand for the model has led to the opening of a second production line at the manufacturing base in Japan.

The new machine is the behemoth of the mini crane world and yet with a width of 1.6m is still narrow enough to gain access through a standard double doorway. The 706 also features an optional 3.1m long stowable fly jib, another first for a mini crane, together with a searcher hook. 

Despite fears of a slump in Spain's construction industry - El Economista reports that over one million jobs may be threatened over the next two years - Spain Crane Managing Director, Jens Carstens believes that demand for mini cranes will not be affected by a downturn. He said: "The slump is mainly threatening the housing market. In the commercial market, which is where we work, what people will be looking to do is reduce costs. This is the key advantage of mini cranes. Because they can get close to a job, they reduce the need for big mobile cranes and tower cranes."

UNIC 706 mini-crawler UNIC 706 mini-crawler