NFT - Specialised in tower cranes

14 December 2018

Award winning and resilient to economic changes, NFT has come a long way since its establishment in the 1980s. Starting out as the first supplier of tower cranes in the GCC region, it has now become Potain’s number one dealer in the world and the world’s number one tower crane supplier in terms of lifting capacity.

Based in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, NFT continues to grow regionally and globally. The company has set up bases all over the Middle East, along with partner offices in the United Kingdom through Radius, Belgium and Asia. To date, it has supplied tower cranes to 32 countries and is able to export to anywhere in the world. With 20 depots around the world and three main yards in the GCC, NFT is in a strong position to meet demand anywhere, anytime.

NFT has worked on some of the Middle East’s most prestigious projects including the Louvre Museum, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Kuwait International Airport, Khalifa Stadium.

NFT’s experience is rich and diverse: Its project portfolio includes high rise towers, malls, schools, hotels and resorts, stadiums, airports, bridges, dams and all types of infrastructure. It has also supplied power plants, dry docks, oil and gas industry projects, petrochemical industry projects, nuclear power plants and many others. With over 1,800 employees worldwide, NFT has the expertise required to address any kind of logistics and engineering requirements. The company prides itself with its regional and international experience and superior after-sale services. Most recently, NFT sent out a team of technicians to dismantle two tower cranes in the Dominican Republic.

What sets NFT apart from the rest is its stock of 2,000 new and used tower cranes, over 500 hoists, and its full stock of quality spare parts. With this substantial stock, NFT can supply all types of projects, with crane models ranging from the small self-erecting cranes, up to the enormous MD 3200 with a lifting capacity of 80t. This stock is present in its 300,000-square metre yard in Abu Dhabi from where it delivers tower crane to the world. In NFT’s yard, you will find facilities to recondition used cranes to almost brand new, from testing to electrical work and welding, shot blasting right up to painting.

NFT is aware that used cranes have a higher market share than brand new, in terms of volume.

NFT also continuously supplements its stock with new products and services, ensuring it is able to supply the very latest and most innovative lifting technologies. The company orders an average of 150–200 brand new tower cranes a year to update its fleet, including the latest luffing tower cranes by Potain. Due to the increase in construction of high-rises in congested area, Potain luffing tower cranes have become very popular over the past three years. Indeed, high rise towers, which are very popular in this region, require luffing cranes with a big capacity. Luffing cranes are special as they allow you to manoeuvre in tight spaces, when you are surrounded by neighbouring buildings.

All projects can be studied by proficient engineers who can recommend the most efficient, cost saving and optimized solutions for every project. This planning occurs during the bidding stage where NFT relies on its technical expertise as a competitive advantage. Crane locations are chosen as per site requirements, but NFT provides the particular know how to determine how cranes are to be dismantled, as well as installed. Furthermore, the selection of the crane strategy is a key part of this process as it can help with the construction progress—for example having two tower cranes on a high rise building. The economical aspect is as important as the possibility to reduce the number of tower cranes is always a welcome information to the client. For instance, by installing a travelling crane instead of several fixed tower cranes.

NFT has partnered up with GJJ to create the brand Orbit, which exclusively belongs to NFT. For the less price-sensitive clientele, NFT also is the exclusive dealer for PEGA, a CE-certified European brand of hoists. In addition to tower vranes and construction hoists, NFT also has in its fleet other construction equipment such as used crawler cranes, man lifts, cradles and placing boom, and continues to look for more investment opportunities.

Further enforcing its position as a full-fledged servicing dealer, NFT continues to provide its customers with the utmost attention and support from maintenance, to operation, spare parts, technical consultancy and support.