Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO at Cummins, said it is unusual for a company in the construction machinery field to be in business for a century. “There is a lot of innovation, cost-focus, tough customers with tough jobs to do, so we are very proud to be able to last 100 years,” he explained.

Linebarger said Cummins will continue to innovate in diesel and natural gas engines as for many applications they will be the best solution for many years to come. However he acknowledges that in the next 100 years the market will change significantly and that diesel may not be the most commercially successful type of engine.

Cummins is looking into electrification, and at its stand there was an electric Hyundai excavator powered by a Cummins engine. “In the next 100 years we will see hybrids, natural gas engines, as well as fuel cell in many applications.”

Highlighting the anticipated further increase of urbanisation he expects stricter regulations for noise, emissions and even space. Linebarger says Cummins will have to focus on sustainability along different dimensions. “One important dimension is that our equipment has to use less resources. It will have to have less impact to the people around it.” He added that digitisation is another focus area, as there can be advantages for customers through prognostics and other kinds of system evaluation.