Maritime Equipment Systems MES-CMRCL-DEL, Fir 2b #4202 MoD Abbey Wood, Attn: Keith Mason, UK-Bristol BA11 2TR. Tel. 44 (0) 11 79 13 90 60. E-mail : Fax 44 (0) 11 79 13 99 26.

UK-Bristol: supply and installation of foward deck crane on HMS Endurance.

Maritime Equipment Systems Mechanical Handling (MES MCH) has a requirement to replace the forward deck crane on HMS endurance with an item capable of fulfilling a range of lifting evolutions to include transfer of stores, embarkation/disembarkation of ISO Containers from the hold area and deployment/recovery of the new Survey Motor Boat (SMB) located on the fwd weather deck. The Safe Working Load (SWL) of the crane is anticipated to be 21 tonnes at a max. outreach of 20 metres. To ensure stability during dynamic deployment the SMB element will require a “twin fall” system. The MOD will be seeking to utilise a commercially available crane design, however, certain MoD specific modifications may be appropriate. Expressions of interest are required from manufacturers who have the experience and skills to fulfil the range of project management activity associated with the design, approval, manufacture, test, certification, installation, setting to work, training and UK/global maintenance support for the crane systems. The successful organisation may also be required to ensure the safe removal and disposal of the existing crane and the implementation of design and installation of all relevant interfaces (e.g. structural, electrical, hydraulic). Companies are requested to provide full details of their capabilities and experience in the supply and installation of marine deck cranes within their expression of interest. A copy your IS09001: 2000 certificate and the corresponding “scope of certification” must also be submitted. Manufacturers shall be prepared to work with the MoD in the development of the technical requirements.