350 Ton Crane Rental with operator for use at Blue Mesa Dam in Colorado, March 21-28, 2008.

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Contact: Tom Snyder, Purchasing Agent, tel: +1 970 240 6345, email: tsnyder@uc.usbr.gov. Bureau of Reclamation – CCI 1820 South Rio Grande Montrose CO 81401

Phone Number: (970) 240-6345. Fax Num: (970) 240-6344

Document number: 08SQ4P2032

Statement of work:


The Blue Mesa Power Plant stilling basin contains an estimated 475 to 500 cubic yards of rock that must be removed. Removal of rock will require a 350 ton crane, with operator and riggers. Crane Contractor shall furnish all necessary rigging for picking up large rocks and lifting rock skips. The Bureau of Reclamation will have rock skips, skid steer loader, rock drills, dump trucks, and personnel working on site. Rental of crane will be for the purpose of lifting rock debris from the stilling basin and placing in trucks for removal. Additionally contractor is obligated to comply with all Federal safety regulations and especially the Department of Interior Reclamation Safety and Health Standards. A site visit can be arranged if needed. Required date of work will be March 22 through March 29, 2008.


Blue Mesa Power Plant is located 40 miles East of Montrose CO. off of highway 50. There is approximately 1 mile of road going down to the plant from Highway 50 that is gravel and steep. There is the possibility of it being snow packed at this time of year. The Bureau of Reclamation will sand the road if necessary.


Grant Watson – 970-641-6242

Fax -970-240-6304