Since 1885 Geka Bouw had been known predominantly as a geotechnical contractor, but since its 1998 merger with Belgian construction contractor CFE Group it has become more active in the maritime and other construction sectors.

Geka Bouw’s new Marchetti Sherpa 70.42L will initially be utilised for foundation work installing piles using a vibro hammer.

Crane Business managing director Ronald van der Vlist said that the crane was chosen for its high lifting capacity and compact size.

He commented: “This crane is for small locations. Due to the hydraulic mounted stabilizers on the crane it has a strong lifting capacity when compared to its own weight. Also, these stabilizers give more comfort when working on a pontoon.”

The 70-tonner can operate on terrain sloping at an angle greater than 3° or 4° due to the cruciform outrigger configuration, with an operator cab capable of tilting 20° to provide line of sight. Crane Business says this cuts project costs by eliminating the need for preparatory earthmoving to level the work area.

Geka Bouw’s lightweight crane is also easy to transport, weighing just 56.5t it can be transported complete with its 9t complement of counterweight without having to remove its crawlers.

However the Marchetti Sherpa 70.42L is also self-rigging, so when purchased with an optional hydraulic device to aid coupling and decoupling of the counterweight, one operator can easily rig and de-rig the crane.

It features a 42m main boom with a two-piece swing-away lattice fly jib, with working lengths of 8m and 14.5m. The fly jib can be offset at 0°, 20° and 40° angles.

The main and auxiliary winches have a 5t single line pull.