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1. Lift capacity @ 25 ft. from center of rotation: 2600 lbs.

2. Hydraulic reach from center of rotation to 31 ft.

3. 400 degree rotation. Rotational stop position must be adjustable after installation. Initial setting of stop position will be done by contractor before shipment and its location will be specified by the Government upon award of the purchase order.

4. Slewing torque: 14,000 ft-lbs.

5. Lifting moment: 77,000 ft-lbs.

6. Chromium plated stainless steel pivot pins and chromium plated piston rods.

7. Crane weight (less base) not to exceed 3,600 lbs.

8. Maximum storage dimensions installed on vessel: a. height: 9 ft. above deck; b. width: 3 ft.; c. length: 9 ft.

9. Provide and install, on the outermost non-telescopic section, a one ton winch with all necessary hydraulics, guides, and sheaves for wire to be worked from the boom tip.

10. Provide a separate (stand alone) control valve assembly for all functions, of a type that will: a. allow the use of several functions simultaneously and b. that seals the valve spools from any exposure to the marine environment. Also include one extra valve in the assembly for future use.

11. Equip the holding side of all cylinders with integral mounted holding and/or counter balance valves to prevent collapse in case of hose breakage or other hydraulic system failure. Equip in a similar manner, the slewing mechanism and the winch circuit.

12. Unit shall have a base suitable for bolt-down installation. Provide details to facilitate the fabrication of a mounting base/foundation which can be welded to the vessel?s deck. Supply proper length, size and number of bolts for the installation. Storage height of the crane, bolted to the base/foundation, shall not exceed 9 ft. as measured from the vessel’s deck. The installation shall not require any recesses to be made in the vessel?s deck.

13. All hydraulic hose fittings, pipe, and pipe fittings shall be stainless steel.

14. To facilitate frequent removal and installation, all hydraulic lines exiting the crane will be terminated at a central manifold which is located on or near the crane base.

15. The paint system used on the unit shall be one specifically intended for marine applications by its manufacturer and shall consist of a zinc-rich primer followed by intermediate and top coats (per paint manufacturer’s specification) of either a vinyl or an epoxy system. Furnish paint specifications and manufacturer.

16. All grease fittings are to be of stainless steel.

17. The outer boom must be mounted on the left hand side of the main boom when standing at the crane base and looking down the boom.