The load test was carried out by Water Weights—a Unique Group company—using their own water bags, a Britlift modular spreader beam and 700t ALRS2 load shackles from JCM Load Monitoring.

“Britlift beams are the lightest modular beams in the market. Being in the rental business, we ship our equipment all throughout our region. The ease of use, assembly, and lightweight construction is much in line with Water Weights’ ethos; safe, efficient, and cost effective in an environment where time is money. The engineering support we received especially during the design phases where we needed the system to be modular, and adaptive to different configurations for various phases of testing made it a simple decision to choose Britlift,” said Jim Jota, Unique Group marketing manager.

Britlift modular spreader beams are available up to 100t capacity off-the-shelf, with other sizes up to over 1,500t being designed and made to order.