Access Systems Technology supplies luffers in Singapore

21 September 2012

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Singapore-based hire firm Access Systems Technology supplied three of Linden Comansa’s biggest luffing jib tower cranes for the $420m Singapore National Art Gallery project.

The firm rented the cranes for use by the main contractor on the site, a joint venture of Takenaka and Singapore Piling.

The contractors had agreed to transform the historic City Hall and the former Supreme Court into a 60,000sq m art gallery.

The three 24t Linden Comansa LCL 500 luffing-jib cranes were used in restoration the City Hall.

They loaded and unloaded materials like concrete casting and moved material and equipment on site.

They were configured with a height under hook of approximately 38m. Two of the cranes were erected with jib length of 55m, to allow them a maximum load of 7.9t at the jib end.

The remaining LCL 500 Luffer was provided with a jib length of 65m, the maximum of this model, with a maximum load of 4.7t at the jib end.

Two of Access Systems Technology's LCL 500 luffing jib towers have also worked on Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, a hotel and casino in Singapore. The third luffing-jib crane is new.

The building that will house Southeast Asian art gallery is set to open in 2015.

Three 24t Linden Comansa LCL 500 luffing-jib cranes work on the $420m Singapore National Art Gallery project.