Jeff Crowder, the Harnser’s inventor and Eazi Lift MD, explained that the device, fitted in a window opening, lifts the product to height, then via a lock out ball fitted to the lifting rope causes the crane’s boom arms to swing up and inwards, moving the complete window into place for fitting, with a single winching motion by the operator.

The Harnser is designed with two key pieces of UK regulation, the Working at Height Regulations 2005, and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. The first of these insists that all workers at height maintain three points of contact with ladders, while the second restricts weights carried by hand to 25kg or 10kgs when carried up ladders. This means that complete window frames either have to be disassembled, or expensive powered lifting devices or access equipment used. The Harnser allows users to lift weights of up to 100kg from a safe position, using only a portable, 12kg, manual device in a matter of minutes. It is currently being developed for other sectors, including vehicles, boats, scaffolding and industry.