ACE director Sorab Agarwal explained that over the past three years the company has grown by around 100% each year and the current facilities cannot cope with demand.

By the end of this year, ACE would have manufactured around 2,000 pick and carry cranes (from 3t to 16t capacity), which are the most popular models in India. It also manufactures loader cranes and tower cranes, including self-erectors.

Agarwal confirmed: “We have started work on the new facility and we are using our own pick and carry and self-erecting tower cranes during the construction process.”

Agarwal noted that the demand for construction equipment in India is rapidly increasing.

“Last year the construction industry in India was worth over $25billion, which I am sure will increase by 30 or 40% in the current year,” he said.

Agarwal concluded: “With this expansion we will be able to increase our product offering within the same customer base and subsequently increase the turnover of our company.”

ACE is aiming to complete the development of the new plant in early 2007.

ACE has supplied cranes to Kuwait, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, Nigeria, Algeria, Kenya, Phillippines, Mauritius, Madagascar, Libya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Ethiopia, South Africa, Iran, Portugal and New Zealand.