AGS will equip all new Bouygues tower cranes with its collision avoidance systems as the contractor renews its fleet, and so expects the contract to run over a number of years.

During this period the firm will train Bouygues technicians in the operation of its collision detection systems and oversee all installations across Bouygues French locations.

It will also attempt to tailor the technology to Bouygues cranes, adding functional benefits besides its core capabilities. For instance AGS says that one important area of focus for development is the installation process, the streamlining of which could significantly reduce set-up times.

Some collision detection systems need to be set up and reconfigured each time the crane is assembled or dismantled, however the firm says its goal with Bouygues is to avoid ever having to do this, requiring only one initial installation.

The two companies are already working together a number of high-profile projects with such clients as the Parisian Ministry of Defence, the Paris Philarmonic and the Laennec hospital quarter development in Paris.