Ainscough said that the flexible and adaptable mobile tower crane is perfect for use on city-centre projects, refineries and chemical plants, roof refurbishment, installation of solar panels, prefabricated component and house construction, maintenance and repair work, and bridge and road building.

An extensive training session was organised at Liebherr Great Britain in Biggleswade, attended by 40 Ainscough employers, including the sales team, contact lift managers and technical team. One of the features the group learned about was the crane’s lower carbon footprint due to its ability to work from electrical power on site. This allows operators to avoid contributing to noise pollution in busy urban areas, whilst ensuring greater energy efficiency in terms of fuel output.

Andrew Spink, operations director, Heavy Cranes, Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “Here at Ainscough, we pride ourselves on training our people and this latest Liebherr MK140 also shows our commitment to continually investing in the best products on behalf of our customers.

“Using the important training they have received at Liebherr Biggleswade, the Ainscough team can now apply their knowledge on the new addition to further support our customers across the country.”

Richard Everist, managing director of Liebherr added: “Thanks to its innovative design and versatility the MK140 is proving to be a very popular crane within the industry. It is a perfect fit for the Ainscough fleet, and together with the experience and knowledge of the Ainscough team it will be a successful new addition.”