Moor Bridge, which spans the M180 south of Scunthorpe, suffered damage to an outer beam which was considered beyond repair and subsequently in need of replacement.

The M180 was closed in both directions during the replacement, with the 500t crane taking four hours to rig and ballast using 75t of kentledge weights.

The 24.3m long bridge edge beam was precast, and arrived on site by low loader. Temporary edge protection system was installed onto the beam while in situ on the loader with debris netting added to prevent fragments falling onto the carriage way during assembly and fit. In addition a temporary restraint unit was installed to be used when the unit was lifted into place to attach it to the remaining bridge deck.

Once the preparation work was complete the 500t crane lifted the 64t precast bridge unit into place carrying out a perfect 90° swing to lower it onto the pier.

To complete the scheme engineers installed reinforcement and cast concrete in the stitch of the deck slab. All temporary restraints were removed and a replacement parapet was installed. The deck was waterproofed and surfaced with kerbs and verges laid with safety barriers added to the approach and departure ends of the parapet.