Detailed route survey, analysis and technical planning were conducted in-house. After careful analysis and mapping out the route, it was recognised that a few road modifications needed to be performed.

All 12 fabricated components were loaded onto Goldhofer Trailers and carefully manoeuvered through narrow roads, bottleneck turns and roundabouts covering a distance of 5kms with utmost precision. All challenges of transportation that occurred due to dynamic size and cantilevered structures of the loads, were all overcome by providing customised packing material matching the load profile, providing engineered support material and continuous monitoring to maintain safe axle pressure of the trailer.

After being transported all components were offloaded onto AL Faris’s in-house customised packing material and then assembled to the desired units using its Liebherr 600t crawler crane and 750t, 500t and 250t all terrain mobile cranes.

All components were off-loaded to a minimum level for safer fabrication and then jacked-up higher to the desired position for further assembly work.