A large heavylift crane could not be used for the operation due to the compactness of other buildings in the area. ALE worked with the client’s individual requirements to engineer a specialist lifting solution that could overcome the project site’s limited space.

They developed a lightweight crane on a moving installation that had originally been designed for a completely different purpose. On top of the building, ALE’s innovative Lightweight Service Crane was installed on a suspended gantry that was designed for cleaning windows.

The Lightweight Service Crane is highly mobile and can be assembled by hand for lifts up to 6t in areas that are hard to reach. The lightweight crane’s modular construction enabled ALE to complete the operation swiftly as the crane could be installed quickly, with shorter mobilisation and demobilisation times.

Once the Lightweight Service Crane was in place, the gantry was moved on its rails and ALE installed each of the new covers one by one using the crane’s adjustable ballast and a vacuum grip system.

“This unique heavy lifting solution saved time and costs compared to the use of a traditional tower crane, while also minimising disruption to the local area,” said ALE.