The load-out of the Arkutun Dagi topside, occurred at the Arkutun Dagi oil field of the east Russian coast and was also a first of a kind project for ALE’s Mega Jack system. The 42,780t topside was jacked to a height of 24m in 11 hours, with the Mega Jack configured in four sets of towers, giving an overall jacking capacity of 60,000t.

ALE’s full scope of work included stand jack pulling, a high capacity modular ballast system and 3D barge monitoring, as well as full engineering work and project supervision.

The weight, which included a 5,135t support frame, working tolerances of the barge were smaller than during conventional load-outs.

The high capacity modular ballast system was adapted for each barge, with 2400 Cu M/Hr ballast pumps used, enabling the pump and power pack operation to be completed from one central control using computerised control.