SHS is a division of Rebel Trucking and Rigging, based in New Jersey and Georgia, with 30 years of rigging and business owner experience in the North American crane industry. They provide specialised hoisting solutions, high-rise rigging of building maintenance units (BMU), window washing units, as well as life science rigging including; sterilizers and rack and cage washers. 

Combined with ALE’s global network and unique Lightweight Service Crane, this agreement means the two companies can utilise their crane fleets and project management services to work together and provide more strategic solutions for clients.

The Lightweight Service Crane, launched in 2016 as versatile, modular crane, has the innovative capability to be assembled by hand from component parts small enough to fit into a service elevator and then be used for lifting operations where space is limited and access is difficult, such as roofs of high-rise city centre buildings. This is a more flexible solution to heavier cranes currently operating in some of America’s major cities.

Richard Verhoeff, sales manager for ALE, said: “We have already been approached by clients in the USA looking for flexible and lightweight lifting solutions for exchange projects, such as air conditioning units, on high-rise buildings. By joining forces with SHS, we can focus on the civils market by optimising their local expertise with our unique Lightweight Service Crane and so introduce our business model to the United States’ high-rise market. This agreement sets us apart and shows our dedication to find suitable safe and cost-effective solutions for our clients in the American civils sector.”

Jeff Mottola, managing partner for Rebel Trucking & Rigging, explained the benefits for local clients: “We are already familiar with the local processes and permitting in New York City. Where we will provide the contracts to help facilitate work using the Lightweight Service Crane, ALE’s engineers can provide the necessary rigging and hoisting solutions for our clients. We are already discussing these opportunities with clients, such as the replacement of BMUs and electromechanical equipment as well as pedestal curtainwalls.”