In Hull, ALE has been executing the handling and pre-assembly of imported towers, nacelles and blades to be used on the Dudgeon offshore wind farm, 32km north of Cromer, Norfolk. With some rotor blades as long as 75m and nacelles as heavy as 360t, ALE is adopting a Roll on/Roll off (Ro-Ro) process – where possible – instead of lifting to provide a safer and more cost effective method.  So far, all components have been loaded-out onto the vessel.  The Dudgeon offshore wind farm will generate 402MW of clean power.

For the Race Bank and Galloper wind farms, ALE is providing a similar scope of work and is currently undertaking the pre-assembly operations for all wind components to be utilised on the respective wind farms.   The Race Bank offshore wind farm will generate 580MW of power, while Galloper will generate 336MW.