The 550t Grove mobile all-terrain hydraulic crane has been put into service at ALL Carolina Crane & Equipment in Raleigh, North Carolina, while a Liebherr LTM 1300.6-1 365t capacity model has gone to ALL Carolina Crane Rental in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The GMK7550 is delivered on a seven-axle carrier and has a five-section, full power 197ft boom, providing a maximum tip height of 207ft. An optional 240ft lattice luffing jib converts to a fixed offset lattice jib with lengths up to 230ft, which can be offset at three degrees and 25 degrees and allows an overall tip height of up to 430ft. It also features a stowing crane cab for highway travel and boasts a 53 mph travel speed.

“The GMK7550 gives us tremendous mobility for both on- and off-road construction and industrial applications, including bridges and highways, power and nuclear plants, and refineries,” said Craig Hunt, general manager at ALL Carolina. “The 7550 is the workhorse for erecting and disassembling tower cranes.”

The six-axle LTM 1300-6.1 can be operated in a range of applications due to its 197ft telescopic boom, 69ft double folding jib and a fixed or luffing lattice fly jib at up to 230ft.