The nine-axle Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 was designed to fill the gap between Liebherr’s 600USt and its 1500USt. Rated at 900USt (750t under European capacity ratings), Liebherr says the crane offers unprecedented mobility, transportability and quick assembly, on a chassis no longer than a 600USt crane. The LTM 1750-9.1 is road friendly and can travel at less than 155,000 lbs gross vehicle weight (GVW) by removing the complete telescopic boom, the upper engine, and the rear outriggers.

When the crane reaches the jobsite the boom can be self-installed with the aid of an auxiliary rolling power pack. The rear outriggers also self-install, and no assist crane is needed for assembly of the crane except on the front outriggers. If the complete superstructure is removed using the included quick-disconnect, a GVW of less than 90,000 lbs can be achieved, which the manufacturer said is unheard of for a crane of this class. The vehicle also features crab-steering mode on the fly, this enables the driver to switch between standard-steer and crab-steer without needing to raise an axle, which can be beneficial on jobsites where space is limited.

All’s purchase from Liebherr consisted of five all terrain cranes, two of which are new models for its fleet: the LTM 1750-9.1, and a new 235USt LTM 1130-5.1. All also ordered a 220USt LTM 1200-5.1, a 200USt LTM 1160-5.1 and a 500USt LTM 1400-7.1.

The order also contained two new 50USt LTC 1045-3.1 compact truck cranes. All loaded its LTC 1045-3.1 units with the optional telescopic crane cab, bringing the driver up to eye level at 25ft high.