Through this programme, a project’s general contractor acts as the primary renter of all lift equipment for the job and then rents it to the subcontractors. More than just equipment, the project also gets support from the ALL team, including mechanics who conduct regular maintenance to keep machines in “rent-ready” condition as they change hands between subcontractors.

“When multiple subcontractors arrange for their own equipment, depending on the job site, the ALL Family of Companies’ SEP Program can eliminate redundancy and waste, which can be as much as one-third of total project cost. And equipment redundancy does more than add costs—it adds a level of congestion to job sites where space is a premium, which can affect everything from traffic to safety. The SEP addresses all these concerns, as ALL works with the general contractor to maximise efficient usage of lift equipment,” said the company.

ALL said it has developed the programme to reinforce its blend of resources afforded general contractors, including a broad continental footprint, and an extensive and varied fleet. “The programme works best when all subcontractors have ready access to equipment that meets their needs, from steelworkers who may require hefty all-terrain equipment to painting and electrical contractors whose finishing work requires access equipment like scissor lifts.” 

ALL’s crane fleet comprises: mini/spider cranes, all terrains with capacities up to 900USt, crawlers with capacities up to 1,000USt, tower cranes and boom trucks.