Indian real estate developer Aparna Constructions and Estates has been building its fleet of Potain cranes for over a decade, using them for a range of residential and commercial projects across Hyderabad, India.

Today, Aparna’s fleet consists of 16 topless MCT 85 cranes and four MCi 85 A tower cranes. All are from Potain’s top-slewing line that is built locally in Manitowoc’s manufacturing plant in Pune.

Vinay Kumar, executive vice president at Aparna, said the company’s fleet of Potain tower cranes has been central to its ongoing success: “We are constantly looking to grow our business and our investment in Potain cranes has been a big part in helping us do that,” he said. “They are the backbone of our projects, giving us confidence and providing the performance and reliability we need to keep our projects on track.”

One high-profile project Aparna has worked on is the Aparna One luxury apartment development. The 36-storey, 145 metre high building has been designed with environmental care at its heart, earning a platinum certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) due to its sustainable architecture.

In recent years Aparna has invested heavily in the Potain MCT 85, a hugely popular model in the India market. With a maximum boom length of 52 m and height under hook of 47.6 m it has a maximum capacity of five tonnes.

According to the crane’s manufacturer, Manitowoc, the MCT 85’s easy and fast assembly and disassembly, plus a topless design that allows more overlapping of cranes for faster progress, is well-suited to the high-pressure environment of India’s construction industry. For better control, users also have the option of full variable frequency control on the hoisting, slewing and trolleying mechanisms for smooth and accurate operation.

“We invested in the MCT 85 because the MCi 85 A has always been such a strong performer for us,” said Kumar. “We had confidence in the newer model and when the first units arrived we weren’t disappointed. The crane’s fast set up, coupled with a long working radius and compact footprint has helped us deliver more urban projects and save costs.”

“We are very proud to have Aparna as our long-time customer and are grateful for our long-standing partnership with such a fantastic company,” said Prashant Suryawanshi, managing director of Manitowoc Cranes India. “Aparna is doing some amazing work in Hyderabad and we are glad to be playing a part in their growth.”