Austin Crane owner and president Larry Taylor said that Tadano’s good reputation was one reason the company decided to purchase the ATF 90G-4. On using the crane since taking delivery, Taylor said, "The manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design of this crane. Our operators love working with it."

The ATF 90G-4 features a compact design that Austin Crane Service has found to be a big benefit. According to Taylor, the "hydraulic luffer and the turning radius are a huge plus when getting in and out of and working on confined job sites." Taylor also appreciates the machine’s simple design and on-screen diagnostics that "speed up the process and lessen downtime."

With a lift capacity of 110USt and boom length of up to 168ft, the ATF 90G-4 features a tiltable cockpit and two oil coolers to keep hydraulic temperatures low. The machine’s automatic moment limiter (AML-C) offers enhanced functionality and the ability to pre-set special job configurations.