The GMK5220 has a 220t capacity and 68m boom, with inserts and swingaway the tip height can be increased to 108m. The crane is a five-axle, all-terrain with a twin-lock boom and fully-automatic Allison transmission. Megatrak independent suspension allows the vehicle to function equally well on the jobsite and the road.

Auto-Klug said it had around forty Grove cranes on its roster, the most popular of which was the GMK3055. The unit’s compact chassis gave it the ability to carry a lot of counterweight, with a 43m boom making it ideal for congested sites. The crane sits on three-axles, with Megatrak suspension and outrigger pads that stow within the width of the crane, keeping it compact. The rental firm said that it had recently used the GMK3055 to lift an entire roof off a house.

The fact that Grove cranes can be easily customised was another aspect that Auto-Klug found appealing. One of the newest cranes in its fleet was equipped with aluminium rims, a specialised removable hose package and an aluminium storage box all designed specifically at the company’s request.