Battery-powered telecrawler from Sennebogen

12 August 2022

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German manufacturer Sennebogen will launch its first battery-powered telescopic crawler crane at the forthcoming Bauma trade show.

Sennebogen’s first battery-powered telecrawler is the 50-tonne 653 E Electro Battery. It will be able to operate fully emissions-free, says Sennebogen, and will offer users flexibility due to its Dual Power Management System.

The crane uses a 210 kWh battery pack and can be operated both in battery-only mode and whilst charging from the mains. As soon as the machine is connected to the mains, the mains power is used for lifting activities, excess power fed into the system simultaneously recharges the batteries.

The crane was developed in collaboration with Dutch dealer Van den Heuvel. Sennebogen says Van den Heuvel has been in close contact with crane rental companies and construction companies and, as such, requirements from the progressive Dutch market were brought into consideration during the development partnership.

In addition, Sennebogen says the crane operates with less vibration and is quieter than its diesel-powered counterparts. The machine has the added benefit of reduced service requirements, Sennebogen adds, as maintenance procedures such as engine oil changes are completely eliminated.

Visitors to Bauma can see the crane on Sennebogen’s open-air stand: FM.712.