ABG Cranes
ABG Cranes displayed its indigenously developed 80t hydraulic crawler crane. The ABG 1080 will lift a maximum load of 80t at 4m working radius supported by a basic boom length of 13m; at full boom of 58m it can lift 14.25t at 13m working radius. The jib length of ABG comes from 9-18m.

The 80t crane comes with a 24.3t counterweight and is powered by Caterpillar diesel engine 3306b, which runs at 2,000rpm. Hydraulics are from Rexroth and Linde; winches are from TMA Italy. The crane has a bucket clamshell option. Bucket capacity is 1.8 cu m and bucket weight is 3.6mt. According to R B Pandey, general manager, marketing, ABG Cranes, says the crane will find its application in upcoming power, refinery and cement plant projects.

ABG is the authorised distributor for Fushun Yongmao flat-top and top kit tower cranes in India. The cranes have a lifting capacity ranging from 4-50t.

Action Construction Equipment (ACE) launched its new 75t hydraulic crane ACX 750. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 75t at 3.6m working radius with a boom length of 12m. At a maximum boom length of 57m it can lift 10ts at 12m working radius. The crane has a counterweight of 21t. Boom and fixed jib combination of the crane is 27m–45m+9.0m–18.0m. Jib offset angle of the crane is 10° and 30°.

The ACE 750 comes with a water cooled Mahindra Navistar Engine with a rated power of 22hp @2200 rpm and a fuel tank capacity of 350l.

Rajeev Kumar, divisional manager, HED ACE, says the company would look to promote the product for pipeline construction and heavy material handling sectors.

ACE also launched a 12t mobile crane FX 120. The crane has a three part slotted boom and can lift 12t at 1.2m working radius. The crane has a maximum tip height of 12.6m. It is powered by Tata, 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine with rated power of 62 BHP at 2200 rpm. The crane comes with front mounted ergonomically designed cabin for improved visibility.

Action Construction also launched a tower crane, the ACE 5040. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 6t at 14.5m jib and a minimum of 1.3t at 50m jib. The crane comes at free standing height of 40m with anchorage it can come to 220m. According to Mr. Arun Bishnoi, Country Head- Tower Cranes ACE: “The crane comes with standard safety features. The new equipment would be ideal for construction of affordable housing projects.”

Australian Crane & Machinery
Australian Crane and Machinery Private Limited participated at BC to explore new business ventures in India. According to Vaibhav Kale, international sales, Australian Crane & Machinery: “We have been exporting used cranes from Australia to India for almost three years comprising crawlers, truck mounted and all terrain cranes with capacity range from 40t–500t. The cranes have been exported by us to India after getting them repaired and rebuilt in some cases, followed by its procurement from the used market. The used cranes have been promoted by us in India through assistance from dealers in various pockets of the country.

“However, our present strategy would be to consolidate our business and deal directly with big ticket customers planning to go for volumes.” Australian Cranes has exported almost 200 cranes to India.

Electromech announced its strategic alliance with US rubber-tyred gantry crane manufacturer Shuttlelift at BC India. According to Tushar Mehendale, MD, Electromech, “Under the collaboration, we would market and provide technical support to Shuttlelift RTG cranes in India. Electromech would be distributing Shuttlelift’s 15t–1000t RTGs in India.

“The cranes to be marketed would be single beam shuttle lift, shuttle lift and industrial shuttle lift models. The Shuttle lift RTGs will be promoted to prefabricated concrete sectors, steel industry, modular buildings and wing power generation sectors. The equipment, precisely will help to overcome constraints of space availability in shop floors offering tandem picks in cost effective manner.”

The company plans to sell 100 units of RTG’s during 2011. Electromech manufactures EOT cranes, gantry cranes, and electric wire rope hoists. It distributes Abus EOT cranes in India and has a tie up with Stahl Cranes systems of Germany.

Special transport manufacturer Goldhofer participated at BC 2011. Goldhofer has recently set up an area office in New Delhi.

Jean-Philippe Martin, area sales manager heavy Duty Mobiles, Goldhofer said, “With our entire of range of self propelled and wheel mounted multi-axle stationery trailers, we would be looking to provide total specialised transportation solutions to EPC contractors in India for transporting high capacity crawler and mobile cranes. We would also be providing our services to crane manufacturers, enabling them to transport their cranes from the ports to user points and also between interstates.”

Fushun Cranes
Fushun Cranes (also known as Fuwa) showed its small tonnage QUY 35 hydraulic crawler crane. The crane can lift maximum capacity of 35t at 3.6m working radius with boom length of 10 m. At maximum boom length of 40 m, the crane can lift 8.6t at 9. m working radius, while with 34m boom, the crane can lift 10.25t at 8.0m working radius. The crane has two types of angle between boom and fixed jib: 10° and 30°. The main boom measures 19-34m and can be used with fixed jib from 6.1m–15.25m. Counterweight is 12.1t. The rated power of the engine is 128kw/2000rpm and maximum torque is 670Nm. Fuel tank capacity is 240l.

Sanjay Vasudeo, director, Fushun Cranes and Equipments India, says, “Owing to the premium components, like steel from Mannesmann and its competitive pricing, we have been able to sell 18 Fuwa cranes during BC event itself. Among the cranes sold, 11 have been of 35t, two of 80t, two of 250t, two of 150t and one of 100t.”

He adds, “Fushun has sold almost 400 crawler cranes in India till date to thermal power and wind mill projects. Around half have been of 80t. More than 65 have been of 250t. With demand becoming varied, we would be looking to offer our entire crawler crane range from 35t–1,250t in India.”

Fuwa has a delivery schedule between 30-45 days from its plant in China to India. Vasudeo says, “To provide timely customer support, we have a team of 26 service engineers and warehouse at Sanpada in Navi Mumbai with an inventory of $250,000 at any given point of time.” Fushun Cranes and Equipments India Pvt Limited is a joint venture company with 32 percent equity held by SN Mercentile of India and 68 percent equity by Fuwa.

Hidrokon Limited
Hidrokon Limited choose BC to highlight its product portfolio for the Indian market. Mevlut Acar, export sales, says, “We are in the process of selecting a dealer in India to market our entire range of products. Through the dealer, we would market our entire range of truck mounted knuckl boom cranes from 3t–90t, truck mounted stiff boom telescopic cranes from 10t–60t and access platforms from 27m to 45m. Our truck mounted knuckle boom cranes offer lifting capacity of 90t, which compares well to competitors’ product offerings, witj lifting capacity restricted to 50t. We would be much more competitively priced, making our products affordable to Indian buyers.”

Acar adds, “Our telescopic stiff boom cranes have been designed to provide added strength to the boom, compared to contemporary cranes with less strength box type boom.”

Jaso Tower Cranes showed its city tower crane J5010 at BC India.

The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5t at 40m jib length and a minimum lifting capacity of 1t at 50m jib length. The crane can be erected to a free standing height of 45m and anchorage above 45m.

Ispat Infrastructure (India) Limited entered into a distribution deal with Jaso Tower Cranes in 2009, for marketing its tower cranes in India.

Kapil R Ghai, chairman and managing director, Ispat Infrastructure (India) Limited says, “Jaso’s City tower crane would be appropriate for construction of affordable residential projects in India.”

Under the marketing collaboration, Ispat would market Jaso’s topline tower crane with a capacity range from 6t–24t and a jib length from 55m–80 m.

Jaso’s City Cranes for sale in India have capacities from 2t–5t and jib lengths from 35m–52m. Its luffing cranes range from 5t–18t with jib lengths ranging from 40m–60 m.

Kobelco displayed its CKE2500 250t hydraulic crawler crane at BC India. With a main boom length of 91.4m, the crane can lift 31t at 17.7m working radius. Long boom length ranges from 64.0m-91.4 m. Minimum fixed jib combination is 27.4m+12.2m and maximum length combination is 76.2 m+30.5m. Minimum luffing jib combination is 21.3m+21.3m and maximum length combination is 61m+61m. Jib offset angle is 10° and 30°. The crane comes with a counterweight of 90t and car body weight of 24.0t. The crane is powered by water cooled Hino Diesel Engine with rated power of 247kw at 2,000 rpm.

Nilesh Bhorkar, manager, product sales and marketing, Kobelco Cranes India Private Limited, says, “Kobelco Cranes have a current population of around 150 cranes working in India. The CKE 2500 is the best selling model in India. We have been able to sell 86 units. We sold 17 CKE 2500s to Bharat Heavy Electricals for power plant construction, and also to rental companies. The crane has received acceptance owing to its versatile lifting capabilities.”

Kobelco sells hydraulic crane with capacities from 60t–550t in India. Voltas Limited is the distributor for Kobelco hydraulic crawler cranes in India.

Liebherr displayed its LR 1600/2, 600 ton crawler crane at BC 2011. A K Somani, Liebherr India Private Limited says, “The crane with its versatile features and 10% more lifting capacity, as compared to a contemporary product of similar class, is most suitable for Indian applications.”

He explains, “Irrespective of weight and size, the crane is ideal for transportation as jib sections can be inserted in the main boom section for transportation. The crane can self load and unload its superstructure and self fit its crawlers, making it ideal for working in rural and remote areas in India, where getting skilled manpower is difficult. The crane comes with special attachments, making it ideal for wind mill construction projects.”

Liebherr handed two LR 1600/2 two Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited for construction of 800 MW power projects. Somani says the crane can be used for construction of thermal power plans from 500MW-800 MW. Somani says the “LR 1600/2 comes with a novel boom system with only one head section. It can be used with main boom and luffing jib without derrick configuration. While working continuous, change of derrick radius can be undertaken.

Liebherr handed the displayed LR 1600/2 to Western India based crane hiring company, Shethia Erectors and Materials Handlers Limited. The key was handed over by Jan Liebherr and Sophie Liebherr.

Manitowoc introduced its Dongyue GT25-5A crane at bC India. Raman Joshi, managing director of Manitowoc Cranes India, said the company was excited to introduce the Dongyue brand to the Indian market.

“Over the past three years, we have developed an excellent range of Dongyue truck cranes that are increasingly successful,” he said. “We are now ready to introduce these cranes to customers in India, and we expect strong interest. Our existing Dongyue customers appreciate their simplicity and reliability and find them a productive and profitable addition to their fleet. Following the introduction of these cranes, our next move will be to begin manufacturing the chassis for them here in India. ”

The GT25-5A is a 25 t capacity crane mounted on a three-axle carrier. It has a five-section 40.2 m telescopic boom that offers a 49 m maximum lifting height when working with the jib. Power for the crane comes from a Sinotruck WD615.92 engine.

The company also launched its new Potain MC 125 tower crane, built in Pune, India, and Zhangjiagang, China, and designed for customers in Asia, South America, the Middle East and Eastern Russia.

Palfinger displayed its new PS 8000 40, 3t truck mounted three boom telescopic crane at BC. According to company officials, the crane has been assembled at its Chennai plant with 90% indigenous and 10% imported components. The crane has been customised for the Indian market. The PK 8000 40 is mounted on medium sized Tata chassis comes with two out riggers. The crane is expected to compete with pick and carry cranes in the Indian market.

Palfinger also displayed its PK 38502 knuckle boom crane. It also showed an Epsilon M110L97 recycling crane mounted on an MAN truck with a gross vehicle weight of 25 tones.

Sennebogen showed its duty cycle crawler crane 690 HD at BC India. According to Michael Ibarth, director marketing/corporate communications: “The Sennebogen 690 HD has been designed for hard conditions with mechanical and heavy duty diaphragm wall grabber, casing machine, vibrator, dragline, grab and load hook.

“The crane has a powerful 447 Kw engine and an extremely robust construction. The rugged features and avoidance of unnecessary electronics makes the machine easier to operate, thus making it ideal for Indian market.”

690HD has a lifting capacity of 90t at 3.5m working radius with a boom length of 13.1m. With a maximum boom length of 57.9m the crane can lift 17.5t at 9m working radius. The crane is powered by a Cummins QSX 15C600 with an output of 447kw/608HP at 1800 rpm. Sennebogen has appointed Gmmco Limited for distribution and service support for its cranes in India.

Terex displayed its Changjiang LT 1070/1 truck crane. According to T.R. Badarinarayan, executive director, Terex Cranes India: “The crane would be much suitable for Indian construction sector. The LT 1070/1, features quick boom extension and retraction times, enabling the crane to set up fast and move from one job site to the next rapidly. The crane would provide maximum equipment uptime to Indian customers as it is reliable even on rough surface.”

The LT 1070/1 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 70t for a main boom length of 44.1m and 58.89m maximum tip height. The crane is equipped with two independent engines-one to power the super structure functions and the other to provide power to the chassis.

Terex Italy has appointed Dozco India Private Limited for marketing its rough terrain cranes in India.

Tractors India Limited
Tractors India Limited (TIL) launched its new TMS 875 truck crane at BC. The five axle truck crane, has a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tons at 3 m working radius. TMS 875 comes with a four section trapezoidal boom with boom length varying from 11.0m to a maximum of 34.6m with 360 degree slew. Maximum road speed of the truck crane is 50 km/hr. The truck is powered by AL 680 TCAC 235 HP engine @ 2200rpm.

According to S K Bhatnagar, Director & President, Materials Handling Division, TIL: “ TMS 875 comes with a purpose built chassis designed and manufactured by TIL itself, made out of extra high strength steel obtained from Japanese and European sources. Drive line has been sourced from Indian manufacturers. Four outriggers have been provided to provide extra stability to the machine. Hydraulics have been obtained from leading European manufacturers.” He said : “with the quality features, the product is a better offering compared to European and Chinese cranes to Indian customers at a competitive price.”

TIL also launched its new TMS 10, 10 ton truck mounted crane. The crane comes with a three section boom varying from 7.8 m to a maximum of 19 m. The maximum working radius of the crane is 17 m and maximum tip height is 25.7 with jib.

Voltas Limited
Voltas Limited displayed its new prototype hydraulic truck mounted VLTC-25, 25t crane. The crane is mounted on an Indian AMW 2518 chassis powered by Cummins 6BTAA-BS-II engines. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 75kph with total weight of 24,550kgs. Aniruddha Moharir, deputy general manager, cranes, Voltas Ltd, says “Commercial production of the crane is expected to begin from April 2011 following its testing.”

Voltas also launched its new VLPC-12, 12t, hydraulic pick and carry crane, with a three boom extension. The crane would be offered in two models, VLPC 12TX SB and VLPC 12TX. VLPC 12 is powered by Bharat stage -2 engines. It can travel at a top speed of 28kmph without load. Voltas also manufactures 20t, 30t, 40t and 45t rough terrain cranes.