A Pecco tower crane in Vancouver, with cab mounted on the jib

Betty-Ann Lee, of Worksafe BC, told Cranes today that the cab is engineered in this way to avoid blind lifts: “Most of our cranes can be fitted with a second cab on the jib.  Cranes here can be operated from the jib cab or the ring gear/ center ride cab. All flat top or saddle jib cranes can be fitted with a cab on the jib.  We had in the past a Liebherr HC200 fitted with a cab on a jib that climb to over 550 ft in the air on the Shaw Tower.”

Although the crane pictured is about 30 years, it, along with all other cranes used in BC, is has successfully passed safety tests every year. In over 22 years, with 125 tower cranes up each year in recent years, BC has seen no workers killed due to tower crane accidents.

Is this modification of normal crane design truly unique to BC? Should other tower crane considers engineering their cranes in this way?