Its hybrid telescopic mast system features an endless pivoting range and reaches a height of 45m. The crane can extend a 1t load to 34m and a height of 30m. This means, says Böcker, that it can reach over buildings to the other side, making it ideal for work on multi-storey and industrial, glass and façade constructions.

The radio-controlled telescopic boom can be extended to any mast position with a 1t load or a loaded work basket attached. It can extend completely without changing the mast angle, even in an almost vertical position.

Rear-axle steering makes the carrier manoeuvrable and furnishes it with good driving characteristics. The compact design and small swing-through radius make it flexible in tight spaces. Unlike comparable equipment the crane does not need to be equipped with retractable counterweights, which means that even at maximum reach the swing-through radius is only 2.2m and the turret protrudes no more than 0.9m beyond the frame of the carrier vehicle.

Variable support positions and a large support lift with a high ground clearance facilitate set-up on-site. Sensors on each support detect the supporting forces so that the load on the ground is distributed optimally and ensure that the axles retract automatically during levelling.

The company’s Easy-Lock system means that the crane can be retrofitted for use as a work platform in a very short time without any tools. The work basket, specially developed by Böcker for the AK 52, is designed for a 600 kg payload and can be hydraulically extended to a range of 3.5m and rotated, also hydraulically, through 400°.

The crane, first showcased at DACH+HOLZ 2018 in Cologne in February, is also being shown at Böcker Crane Days in Werne (March 16-18) and, in the UK, at the Vertikal Days event on May 16 and 17 at Donington Park.

Böcker will also be showcasing their new AHK 36 trailer crane at Vertikal Days. Petrol-engined, it will work even more quietly than its predecessor model, with improved insulation reducing noise emissions by seven decibels. Another innovation is the personal safety mode. This allows the trailer crane to be used as a fall protection for workers operating at heights, for example on roof repairs. A safety device is suspended from the hook on the crane and connects the worker to the crane by a cable which allows a specific radius of action. This new safety mode will also be available for other crane models in future.

Both the AK 52 and the AHK 36 are equipped with an intelligent control system which, in conjunction with a radio remote control system featuring a full graphic display, allows for simple operation and guarantees maximum safety. 

The technology features an automatic set-up control with an auto-levelling function for the supports, rotation and erection-angle limitation for the mast package during operation, and a 'go-home' function for easy and quick dismantling of the crane. Optional camera technology, with a camera mounted permanently on the mast, makes it possible for the operator to control blind spots on the radio control display during operations.