B&G already owns two locations in the Gulf Coast region: one in Jefferson and one in Baton Rouge, from which it serves its petrochemical, refinery and industrial clients.

By incorporating Ray Anthony’s locations at Baytown and Beaumont, B&G will add 23 cranes and accompanying trucks to its 100- strong crane fleet and a 50-strong support truck fleet.

Ray Anthony, the founder of the eponymous company, has been managing, and selling crane businesses since 1978.

In 1998, Anthony sold Anthony Cranes. The deal required that he observe a five-year non-compete before opening a successor company. When the term ended, he opened a new business, Ray Anthony International, with locations in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas.

“The addition of RAI’s Baytown and Beaumont, Texas locations and corresponding fleets will enable B&G to better serve our customer base across an expanded geographical area,” said Xavier J. Grilletta Jr, CEO of B&G. “We are excited to partner with the RAI employees to provide the same high quality, safe and customized service to our clients in Texas that we have been providing in the Louisiana Gulf Coast market for the past 60 years.”

B&G’s spokesperson said the company intends to buy several new cranes, and transfer several of its Louisiana-based cranes, for serving Texas clients.