The 93ft vessel was transported from Irvine, CA to a Bay Area chemical plant. Despite the scale of the job, Bigge planned, permitted and carried out the job in les than the expected three days.

The firm were up against the complications of the holiday s, as the vessel had to be delivered in Thanksgiving week- giving the firm just three days for Bigge to complete the project. The timeframe was minimal as the load was to be delivered before the holiday oversize load restrictions would cause the project to shut down.

The firm were able to take on the project just one day before the holiday week commenced – another firm were hired originally but were unable to meet the deadline for the job.

Bigge used a 600USt Demag AC 500 mobile crane to pick up the 93ft, 17’ diameter vessel. The vessel was delivered to the plant on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, with the firm setting the vehicle the next day, thus allowing deliveries to the site by rail to resume the following Monday.

The project manager said: “Working with Bigge Crane on this incredibly difficult project was a pleasure. They outshined any competition in their class. In the toughest of situations, needing a tank delivered to use before a holiday deadline, they jumped in, took charge, and had the tank here before the original trucking company had even planned to leave town.”