The main lift was performed with a Manitowoc 2250 crawler crane, configured with 30ft of Max-ER, 140ft of main boom and 110ft of luffing jib.

Bigge said that it used the Manitowoc 2250 to lift three pieces: an economizer, a steam drum and a wall panel. The heaviest of these loads was the steam drum, weighing 100t, (220,952lb).

First Bigge placed the wall panel using a Link-Belt HC278 lattice truck crane, configured with 105ft of main boom so the steam drum could be set.

The most challenging aspect of the lift from a planning point of view was the rig-in of the Maxer 2250 capacity-enhancing attachment, Bigge said.

Bigge’s project management team had to plan the 180 degree lift within a constricted work-area and around multiple obstructions.