BKF, a hire firm based 50km away in Franeker offering lifting and transport services in Northern and Central Netherlands, provided lifts so that the windmill’s roof structure, or hood, could be completely replaced together with the jointing brick on the octagonal base.

The dismantling and transporting of the components being restored was finished in mid-May, when BKF-crane operator Durk Visser used a 130t mobile crane with a telescopic boom to lift the new 15t windmill hood.

The historic town area required artful maneuvering of the mobile crane. “In the attractive but narrow streets of the city Dokkum the maneuvering with trucks and mobile cranes required patience and skill”, said Mrs. E van Wosel, spokesperson for BKF.

The Dutch National Service for Archeology was the main financer of the Foundation for Monument Preservation Dongeradeel’s project for the restoration of the windmill.

Other bodies including Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Friesland Province,

Municipality Dongeradeel, Bankgiroloterij and The Dutch Mill Foundation, were co-financers.