Boom times for ABA Crane Hire

13 January 2022

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New equipment and busy order books for UK crane hire firm

West Midlands, UK-based crane rental firm ABA Crane Hire announced it has been carrying out a big investment drive over the past couple of years to ensure it has an up-to-date fleet with all the latest safety features (

New machines arriving at the company this year include two Bocker 46/6000 cranes, two Liebherr LTM 1120 cranes, and two Liebherr LTM 1040 cranes.

In November 2019 the company also purchased a Liebherr MK88 self erecting tower crane which it said has proven to be very popular.

“This was our first self erecting tower crane and we purchased it because of the high demand for that type of work,” said Adrian Baggott, director at ABA. “Before we bought it we were constantly re-hiring work out as we did not run any self erecting tower cranes ourselves.

“We use the MK88 for all sorts of jobs but mainly high rise city work or large industrial units where light / medium loads need to be lifted at large radii. It’s popular with companies involved in air handling units, roof sheets, and cladding.”

Most recently ABA used the self erector on a highways project, along with other ABA cranes, where it was used to lift formwork in preparation for concrete casting. Its heaviest lift was 1.2 tonnes at a radius of 45 metres.

“We have also had contracts for our Liebherr LTM1110, Terex Explorer 5600 and Demag AC100 to lift pre-cast panels onto a new bridge being constructed,” Baggott added. “All cranes were working under a full motorway closure on night shifts.

“Work is busy at the moment and we continue to invest in both machines and procedures,” Baggott concluded.

ABA Crane Hire bought its Liebherr MK88 self erecting tower crane in November 2019
ABA’s Liebherr MK88 being used to lift formwork in preparation for concrete casting
ABA’s Terex Explorer 5600